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The band, Problem Child consists of 5 members.. Steve Kerber, lead vocals , backup vocals.....Rick Johnson...lead vocals, backup vocals, drums .... Jason Near... lead guitar......and Eddie Fuentes..bass  guitar. Jery Hepker on Keboard, guitar and vocals.

The band was formed in early 2015 and performed for the first time, May 2nd of that year.  We are a middle-aged  group of musicians with many, many years of experience.  Rick and Steve vocalizing together has developed a sound that compliments each other. Rick and Steve also perform in a vocal duo called 1+1 since 2013.  Rick, Jason and John performed together in Poison Apple with a chemistry that is still going strong in this band...With the addition of Steve and Rick's vocals added to that mix,  which is what this band was formed on, we have a very tight, hard driving sound.  Our setlist consists of artists such as....Billy Idol, The Doobie Bros, Bad Company, Ted Nugent, Sammy Hagar, to name a few.  We also dabble in a little modern higher energy country, the likes of Luke Bryan, Toby Keith, and Blake Shelton,  giving us a variety of songs that is conducive to most crowds.

      Steve Kerber has 48 years in the music profession, starting with, The Know How's in 1969  He has performed with other bands such as Crossroads from '75-'77 Harlequin, from '79-' name a few.   He has been an active member with the local Barbershoppers since 1975 and has performed with his quartet, "All For You"  since 2000, showing his strong vocal talent.  He brings a very strong vocal presence to the stage.

     Rick Johnson,  aka. 'THE BOOM IN THE ROOM' (the name given him by Mandy Lance, a former band mate in 2 separate bands, Candid Country and Poison Apple) has been performing since 1978 and has been in a dozen plus bands including Nighthawk in the early 80s, WhistleSmith. from '89-'99, leading to Candid Country in 2010, Poison Apple,with a handful in between, and now... the "Boom" in his current project, Problem Child. Rick and Steve perform all the vocals in this high energy classic rock show..Splitting up the setlist between them.

     Jason Near, ' Uncle Teddy (Nugent) of the group' is a hard driving guitar player with a flair for strong, powerful, commanding leads.   Not only does he spring his T-6 guitar to life when soloing,  he has the ability to play intricate rhythms making the sound very full.  He has been performing since 2008 playing in bands such as Starlight Players, Rout 38, and Poison Apple. He brings a substance to the band that fills any gaps we have.

  Edward Fuentes, 6 string bass player. A veteran performer and Musician. Started playing in the 60's with his first band "4 Shades of Brown, then Frankie Brown Band in the 70's. Played in Prime Time Band for a number of years, moved to Oklahoma and played in a road band for 5 years. then went on to Austin Texas where I played on 6th street for several years. Moved back to Sterling Il., played with MT Pockets for a few years, then played with Laura McDonald and the Blue & Evil Band in the Diamond Joe Casino's and Manda Lambert tribute band, and now with Problem Child!

   Jerry Hepker, Jerry's been running sound for several bands  in  the area since 1986. He plays Keyboard, Guitar and sings too! Jerry played in Roadtrip from 1993 to 2002, played in Hoosier Daddy from 2002 to 2003. Jerry played on and off with M.T. Pockets from 2004 to 2016. He became a Problem Child in 2016.